Awards & Distinctions

CRIR Award of Excellence: Best Oral Presentation – My research in 180 seconds (2021): Walking Groups after Moderate to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury. CRIR 2021 Scientific Congress, Montreal, QC.

Global Heroes Recognition (2020): A survivor’s story of strength and inspiration
Featured in the Global Heroes, North America’s premier positive news magazine, Oakville, ON. 

Storytellers Winner (2019): Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). Granted to five SSHRC Storyteller Finalists who won the final competition, Vancouver, BC. 

Storytellers 25th Finalist (2019): Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Granted to a SSHRC supported student based on the impact their research: $3, 000 

2018 Change Maker Award Winner (2019): Neurological Health Charities of Canada (NHCC) Contributions in inclusion, innovation and integration for Canadians living with brain conditions. 

Fundraising Award (2016): Brain Injury Canada, Toronto, ON.
Granted to an individual for his or her outstanding efforts in fundraising for Brain Injury Canada. 

Award of Merit (2015): Brain Injury Canada, Montreal, QC.
Granted to a volunteer for his/her exemplary leadership and contribution to Brain Injury Canada. 

Mark Rochon Leadership Award (2015): Rehabilitation Sciences (runner up): Toronto, ON. Recognize students whose studies will further the strategic directions of Toronto Rehab: $1, 000 

Specialist Training Program (2014): McGill University, Montreal, QC. Fonds Québécoise de la recherché sur la société et culture: $3, 000 

Graduate Excellence Award (2014): McGill University, Montreal, QC. $2, 000
Award designed to assist new and continuing graduate students in the faculty of Education